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World Service broadcast on mercury

Fri 29 November, 2013

Mercury is the bad-boy of the periodic table, often called ‘quicksilver’, it is both mesmerising and toxic as Professor Andrea Sella of University College London vividly explains. In […]

Global treaty on mercury pollution gets boost from United States

Thu 14 November, 2013

The United States has strengthened the international effort to bring down emissions and releases of a notorious heavy metal after simultaneously signing and ratifying the Minamata Convention on […]

The Minamata Convention on Mercury

Thu 17 October, 2013

More than 90 countries signed a treaty to limit mercury use and pollution at a United Nations conference in Kumamoto, Japan, on 10 October. The Minamata Convention on Mercury […]

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Safe Storage & Disposal of Mercury: workshop presentations

October 29th, 2009

A workshop held at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford on 13 & 14 October 2009 considered the scientific and engineering issues associated with ensuring the safe storage and disposal of redundant mercury. Presentations from the workshop are now available.

The safe management of mercury no longer needed for products and processes is increasingly demanding the attention of policy makers, industry and independent experts. The views expressed at the workshop will help to inform the development of the UK’s position in impending discussions at a European and UN level.

The links below give open access to pdf files of the presentations given at the workshop. Online publishing of presentations is made possible by kind consent from the authors. IKIMP requests that by downloading a file you acknowledge the original ownership of the information contained in the presentation.

Final programme for workshop & workshop participants

Opening slides – Dr Bruce Howard

Mr Stephen Kane (Defra, UK) & Dr Mike Roberts (Defra, UK)
Policy context and regulatory framework for mercury storage and disposal.

Dr. Thomas Brasser (GRS mbH, Germany) &
Mr. Alexander Baart (K+S Entsorgung GmbH, Germany)
Underground storage and disposal in a salt formation based on elemental mercury.
Brasser presentation
Baart presentation

Mr. Lars Olof Höglund (Kemakta Konsult AB, Sweden)
Underground storage and disposal in hard rock based on a chemically-stable mercury solid

Ms. Sonja Bauer (BiPRO GmbH, Germany)
Overview of solidification processes

Ms. Miriam Ortheil (DELA, GmbH Germany)
Stabilisation of mercury for final disposal by formation of mercury sulphide

Dr Stephen Pawel (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US) &
Mr Adam Carroll (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US)
Design of mercury storage containers.
Pawel presentation
Carroll presentation

Breakout groups to discuss operational phase of underground repository

Professor Alan Hooper (Independent Consultant, UK)
Evaluating the Post-closure Safety of Geological Disposal of Long-lived Radioactive Wastes
Note: the majority of the slides in Professor Hooper’s presentation are reproduced by kind permission of the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Applications for permission to use this information commercially, including copying or re-publication, should be made to the NDA Information Manager, see

Mr. Steve Williams (NDA, UK)
Groundwater Chemotoxic Screening for  Radioactive Waste Disposal

Mr. Lars Olof Höglund (Kemakta Konsult AB, Sweden)
Assessing the behaviour and fate of mercury should it be released from a disposal facility

Breakout groups to discuss post-closure phase of underground repository

Mr. Bill Hermes (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US)
Containerized elemental mercury – above ground storage considerations.

Information and documents provided to participants:

Briefing note

Bibliography of relevant publications

List of previous events related to the topic

Venue information

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