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World Service broadcast on mercury

Fri 29 November, 2013

Mercury is the bad-boy of the periodic table, often called ‘quicksilver’, it is both mesmerising and toxic as Professor Andrea Sella of University College London vividly explains. In […]

Global treaty on mercury pollution gets boost from United States

Thu 14 November, 2013

The United States has strengthened the international effort to bring down emissions and releases of a notorious heavy metal after simultaneously signing and ratifying the Minamata Convention on […]

The Minamata Convention on Mercury

Thu 17 October, 2013

More than 90 countries signed a treaty to limit mercury use and pollution at a United Nations conference in Kumamoto, Japan, on 10 October. The Minamata Convention on Mercury […]

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UNEP INC2 on Mercury – Final Day Highlights

January 28th, 2011

IISD Reporting Services – During the morning plenary, delegates completed their first reading of the elements paper (UNEP(DTIE)/Hg/INC.2/3), focusing on institutional arrangements, settlement of disputes, further development of the convention and final provisions.

In the afternoon delegates heard brief oral reports of informal consultations on: the preamble (Article 3); primary mining (Article 3); products, processes and transitional measures (Articles 7, 8 and 14); financial resources and technical and implementation assistance (Articles 15, 16 ans 17); and awareness-raising, research and monitoring and communication of information (Articles 18 and 19).

Delegates then considered the draft report (UNEP(DTIE)/Hg/INC.2/L.1, Add.1 and Add.2) and it was adopted following numerous textual amendments. Chair Lugris gavelled the meeting to a close at 6:17pm.

A summary and analysis of INC2 will be available on this page on Monday, 31 January 2011.

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