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World Service broadcast on mercury

Fri 29 November, 2013

Mercury is the bad-boy of the periodic table, often called ‘quicksilver’, it is both mesmerising and toxic as Professor Andrea Sella of University College London vividly explains. In

Global treaty on mercury pollution gets boost from United States

Thu 14 November, 2013

The United States has strengthened the international effort to bring down emissions and releases of a notorious heavy metal after simultaneously signing and ratifying the Minamata Convention on

The Minamata Convention on Mercury

Thu 17 October, 2013

More than 90 countries signed a treaty to limit mercury use and pollution at a United Nations conference in Kumamoto, Japan, on 10 October. The Minamata Convention on Mercury

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UNEP INC2 on Mercury – Final Day Highlights

January 28th, 2011

IISD Reporting Services – During the morning plenary, delegates completed their first reading of the elements paper (UNEP(DTIE)/Hg/INC.2/3), focusing on institutional arrangements, settlement of disputes, further development of the convention and final provisions.

In the afternoon delegates heard brief oral reports of informal consultations on: the preamble (Article 3); primary mining (Article 3); products, processes and transitional measures (Articles 7, 8 and 14); financial resources and technical and implementation assistance (Articles 15, 16 ans 17); and awareness-raising, research and monitoring and communication of information (Articles 18 and 19).

Delegates then considered the draft report (UNEP(DTIE)/Hg/INC.2/L.1, Add.1 and Add.2) and it was adopted following numerous textual amendments. Chair Lugris gavelled the meeting to a close at 6:17pm.

A summary and analysis of INC2 will be available on this page on Monday, 31 January 2011.

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